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Travel & VISA infomation

We look forward to welcoming attendees to Atlanta on May 16-19, 2024

International attendees, please familiarize yourself with the requirements to enter the U.S.

Non-U.S. residents may need a visa to enter the United States for 14th WORLD CONGRESS ON NEUROHYPOPHYSIAL HORMONES . If you already have a U.S. visa, check the expiration date to ensure your visa will not expire before or during your planned travel dates. Citizens of countries meeting the visa waiver criteria do not need a visa to enter the United States. If you are eligible to travel on the Visa Waiver Program, but prefer to have a visa in your passport, you may still apply for a Business (B-1) visa. A list of countries participating in the Visa Waiver Program (VWP) can be found on the State Department website.

Obtaining a Visa

After identifying that a visa is needed, foreign travelers should contact the U.S. Embassy Consular Section in their country to determine visa processing time frames. For up-to-date information, access the DOS website.

Requesting a Letter of Invitation from WCNH 2024

To request a Letter of Invitation from WCNH 2024, please complete the visa letter request form. After completing the form, send it to CNCD@GSU.EDU.


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